Yanina Yurgilevich (Defender in the High-Profile Autukhovich case) Was Detained

On October 17, before the verdicts in the "Autukhovich case" were pronounced, Yanina Yurgilevich (the attorney defending one of the Rezanovich family members) was detained. Because of her detention, a new attorney was appointed in a very short time.

Yanina is also the mother of arrested attorney Yulia Yurgilevich, who has been in custody since late August.

"[Attorney Yanina] Yurgilevich was detained at the entrance to the prison near the checkpoint. KGB officers were waiting for her by the bus at the prison corner. As she approached, they gave identification signals to other officers and quickly pulled up another bus. A man got out of it, showed his badge, <...> and two others took the woman under the arms and took her away", eyewitnesses said.

[Update:] Yanina Yurgilevich was released on the day of her detention. The reason for her detention is unknown.

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