Lukashenko States That the Bar Should Be Controlled

The bar should be under control, as Alexander Lukashenko stated on April 21, while hearing the report from Sergei Khomenko (the latter was appointed a Minister of Justice last October. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, commanding the internal troops).

“The bar should be controlled, it should operate in accordance with the law and be a real bar. A lawyer has to perform their functions without any fears, but at the same time, we must understand that they are government men. Their actions should be based on the law, rather than some made-up norms like freedom of speech, and other freedoms. We've had enough of this freedom. Thank God, we understood what freedom they bring us here," he said.

This statement contradicts the generally accepted standards for the functioning of the legal profession and international principles on the role of lawyers, which, among other things, prohibit the interference of the Ministry of Justice in the activities of the bar.

You can read more about the interference of the Belarusian Ministry of Justice in the activities of the bar here.
The scope of a lawyer’s freedom of expression can be accessed in Russian at the link. 

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