Political Prisoner Znak and Five Others: the Results of Another Certification

On June 8, 2022 the Qualification Commission on the Issues of Advocacy in the Republic of Belarus conducted another certification of lawyers of the Minsk city, Minsk regional, and Gomel regional bars.

According to the results of the certification, the Qualification Commission established that attorneys Aleksey Dravitsa and Pavel Pravdikov can’t pursue their professional activities due to “poor expertise”.
The licenses of Aleksandr Baranovskiy, Vitaly Lebedev, Larisa Stelmaschuk were terminated due to their “poor expertise” as well. The license of Maxim Znak was terminated "in connection with the exclusion from the Minsk Regional Bar due to the entry into force of the court’s decision on the recognition of the lawyer’s guilt of committing a premeditated crime."
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